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Daily Report of CRS Documents 06/20/2014

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Friday June 20, 2014

Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
95-416 The Federal Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes 13 6/5/2014 Emily M. Lanza, Legislative Attorney
96-397 Canada-U.S. Relations 71 6/3/2014 Ian F. Fergusson, Coordinator Specialist in International Trade and Finance; Derek E. Mix, Coordinator Analyst in European Affairs
R40238 The Presidential Records Act: Background and Recent Issues for Congress 21 5/30/2014 Wendy R. Ginsberg, Analyst in American National Government
R40532 Federal Crop Insurance: Background 27 6/3/2014 Dennis A. Shields, Specialist in Agricultural Policy
R41129 Navy Ohio Replacement (SSBN[X]) Ballistic Missile Submarine Program: Background and Issues for Congress 55 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
R41153 Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress 126 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
R41425 Commemorative Commissions: Overview, Structure, and Funding 14 5/14/2014 Matthew Eric Glassman and Jacob R. Straus, Analysts on the Congress
R41526 Navy Shipboard Lasers for Surface, Air, and Missile Defense: Background and Issues for Congress 59 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
R41542 The State of Campaign Finance Policy: Recent Developments and Issues for Congress 31 6/5/2014 R. Sam Garrett, Specialist in American National Government
R41673 USDA’s "GIPSA Rule" on Livestock and Poultry Marketing Practices 42 6/4/2014 Joel L. Greene, Analyst in Agricultural Policy
RL32109 Navy DDG-51 and DDG-1000 Destroyer Programs: Background and Issues for Congress 40 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL32341 Assistance to Firefighters Program: Distribution of Fire Grant Funding 20 5/29/2014 Lennard G. Kruger, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
Nota Bene
Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
NB201404412 Grand Jury Subpoena Enforcement Splits the Circuits 4 2014-04-01 Charles Doyle
NB201404420 Guantanamo Detainees Can Challenge Force-Feeding (But They Probably Won’t Win) 4 2014-04-04 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201404538 Medical Products, Medical Practice, and Stem Cells: One Court Weighs In 4 2014-04-07 Jennifer A. Staman
NB201403552 National Institute of Standards and Technology Issues Long-awaited Cybersecurity Framework 5 2014-03-05 Andrew Nolan
NB201403570 Northwestern Football Players are “Employees” (For Now) 4 2014-03-27 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201404571 Prosecutorial Discretion and Lerner Contempt 4 2014-04-11 Todd Garvey; Alissa M. Dolan
NB201403621 Religious Exemptions Versus Civil Rights: A Collision Course? 5 2014-03-31 Jody Feder
NB201403616 Resealing a Container After Stealing Its Contents Is Product Tampering 3 2014-03-10 Charles Doyle
NB201403620 Reverter Reversed: Supreme Court Rules Right-of-Way Interest Goes to Landowner, Not Federal Government 4 2014-03-25 Kristina Alexander
NB201404644 Senate to Vote on Paycheck
Fairness Act
4 2014-04-07 Jody Feder
NB201404750 Supreme Court Grants Cert in
Case concerning Securities Act Section 11 Knowledge Requirement
4 2014-04-03 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201404738 Supreme Court Issues Opinions in Two Firearms-Related Cases: Part I–
Accomplice Liability in a Drug
Trafficking-Firearms Crime
4 2014-04-14 Vivian S. Chu
NB201404739 Supreme Court Issues Opinions in Two Firearms-Related Cases: Part II – Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence Under the Gun Control Act 4 2014-04-14 Vivian S. Chu
NB201403736 Supreme Court Offers Broad Immunity for Providing Aviation Security Tips 4 2014-03-27 Jared P. Cole
NB201404723 Supreme Court Strikes Overall Limits on Campaign Contributions in McCutcheon 5 2014-04-03 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201404720 Supreme Court to Decide Mortgage Fraud Restitution Case 4 2014-04-17 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201403783 The “Employment” of College Athletes 4 2014-03-12 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201403795 The Affordable Care Act, the Impact of a Lower Court Ruling, and Enforcing a Court’s Ruling 5 2014-03-26 Andrew Nolan; Todd Garvey
NB201403797 The Death Master File: Friend or Foe of Identity Theft? 4 2014-03-04 Emily M. Lanza
NB201403798 The Delta Smelt Ruling: A Small Fish Tale 4 2014-03-28 Kristina Alexander
NB201403817 The Trend Continues: Same Sex
Marriage Bans Fall Post-Windsor
4 2014-03-31 Alison M. Smith
NB201403848 Ukraine-Related Sanctions:
Executive Orders and Pending
4 2014-03-31 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201403878 Who’s Overseeing Whom? The CIA, SSCI, and the Speech or Debate Clause 5 2014-03-13 Alissa M. Dolan; Todd Garvey
NB201403905 Will There Ever Be Another Recess Appointment Made During an Intrasession Recess? Part 1 4 2014-03-11 Vivian S. Chu
NB201403906 Will There Ever Be Another Recess Appointment Made During an Intrasession Recess? Part 2 4 2014-03-11 Vivian S. Chu

Daily Report of CRS Documents 06/19/2014

[category daily_report]

Thursday June 19, 2014


Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
R41876 Biological Opinions for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: A Case Law Summary 12 6/4/2014 Kristina Alexander, Legislative Attorney
R41909 Multiyear Procurement (MYP) and Block Buy Contracting in Defense Acquisition: Background and Issues for Congress 28 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs; Moshe Schwartz, Specialist in Defense Acquisition
R42128 Monuments and Memorials Authorized Under the Commemorative Works Act in the District of Columbia: Background and Current Developments 57 5/28/2014 Jacob R. Straus, Analyst on the Congress
R42395 A Retrospective of House Rules Changes Since the 110th Congress 68 6/4/2014 Michael L. Koempel, Senior Specialist in American National Government; Judy Schneider, Specialist on the Congress; J. Michael Jarrett, Research Associate
R42567 Coast Guard Cutter Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress 53 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL32418 Navy Virginia (SSN-774) Class Attack Submarine Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress 26 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL32496 U.S.-China Military Contacts: Issues for Congress 86 6/5/2014 Shirley Kan, Specialist in Asian Security Affairs
RL32665 Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding Plans: Background and Issues for Congress 58 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL33003 Egypt: Background and U.S. Relations 21 6/5/2014 Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs
RL33153 China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities — Background and Issues for Congress 122 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
Nota Bene
Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
NB201311414 Ghailani’s Conviction and Life Sentence Affirmed 3 11/13/2013 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201310416 GLBA Often Does Not Bar Financial Institutions from Reporting Suspected Elder Abuse, According to Federal Regulators 4 10/25/2013 David H. Carpenter
NB201309410 Government-Built Sand Dunes as a Response to Sea Level Rise Get a Judicial Boost 4 9/13/2013 Robert Meltz
NB201308409 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Supreme Court: Is Act Three Coming Up? 4 8/29/2013 Robert Meltz
NB201308449 Health Coverage for Members of Congress and Congressional Staff: OPM Provides Some Answers 4 8/12/2013 Jennifer A. Staman
NB201310444 History and Current Status for Enforcement of ACA’s Contraceptive Coverage Requirement 5 10/1/2013 Cynthia Brougher
NB201309438 How Long Does Rulemaking Take? How Can Congress Speed up the Process? 4 9/6/2013 Daniel T. Shedd
NB201311498 Illinois Court Holds that Internet Tax Freedom Act Preempts “Amazon Tax” Laws 5 11/7/2013 Carol A. Pettit; Erika K. Lunder
NB201309489 In the Aftermath of U.S. v. Windsor Same-sex Married Couples Have a Very Short Window in Which to File Original Returns as Unmarried Individuals 4 9/10/2013 Carol A. Pettit
NB201311525 JPMorgan Enters a $13 Billion Settlement with Regulators 4 11/21/2013 David H. Carpenter
NB201312521 Justice Department, Louisiana Spar in School Voucher Lawsuit 4 12/17/2013 Jody Feder
NB201402510 Law Allowing Siting of Keystone XL Pipeline Overturned by Nebraska Court 4 2/26/2014 Adam Vann
NB201308509 Legal Barriers to an Expanded Role of the Military in Defending Against Domestic Cyberattacks 4 2/11/2013 Andrew Nolan
NB201308502 Lincoln Memorial Crime and Punishment 4 8/8/2013 Kristina Alexander
NB201402514 Lower Drug Trafficking Penalties, Sentencing Commission Proposes 4 2/11/2014 Charles Doyle
NB201403533 McCulloch v. Maryland Is Alive and Well: State Court May Not Judge Fed AIG Package 4 3/6/2014 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201403535 McCutcheon and Its Potential Impact on Campaign Finance Law 5 3/18/2014 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201312541 Monsanto Agent Orange Settlement Upheld by West Virginia Supreme Court 4 12/16/2013 Daniel T. Shedd
NB201402563 No-Lies Safety Valve Ruling Splits the Circuits 4 2/18/2014 Charles Doyle
NB201307567 Non-detainees Can’t Challenge Detention Law 4 7/29/2013 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201312557 Not an Open and Shut Case: States Pay to Open National Parks During Federal Shutdown 4 12/4/2013 Kristina Alexander
NB201307566 Not in the FDA’s Discretion: Court Rules FDA Must Bar Imports of Sodium Thiopental 4 7/29/2013 Andrew Nolan
NB201308569 NSA’s Telephone Metadata Program: Recent Developments 6 8/15/2013 Richard M. Thompson II
NB201307608 Obama Administration Delays Implementation of ACA’s Employer Responsibility Requirements: A Brief Legal Overview 4 7/8/2013 Jennifer A. Staman; Daniel T. Shedd; Edward C. Liu
NB201309606 Obama Administration Will Not Challenge State Marijuana Laws That Do Not Undermine Federal Enforcement Priorities 4 9/9/2013 Brian T. Yeh; Todd Garvey
NB201311607 Obama Administration’s “Fix” for Insurance Cancellations: A Legal Overview 5 11/18/2013 Jennifer A. Staman; Todd Garvey; Daniel T. Shedd
NB201402601 One Month Left for Comments on EPA’s Proposed Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Fossil-Fuel
Power Plants
4 4/2/2014 Robert Meltz
NB201310598 Online Banking Fraud: Liability for Unauthorized Payment from Business Checking Account 4 10/21/2013 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201312592 Patent Demand Letters: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 4 12/19/2013 Emily M. Lanza
NB201311584 Preempting Preemption: A Legal Analysis of the FDA’s New Proposed Rules on Generic Drug Labeling 5 11/20/2013 Andrew Nolan
NB201307580 Privacy Advocacy Group Asks Supreme Court to Directly Review Verizon Surveillance Order 4 7/9/2013 Andrew Nolan
NB201402625 Questions Remain After Cal. Supreme Court Grants a Law License to an Unlawfully Present Alien 5 2/21/2014 Kate M. Manuel
NB201401268 Rebuilding with Sustainability: HUD’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Notice 4 1/8/2014 Daniel J. Olds
NB201309624 Red Light for Blueways 4 9/3/2013 Kristina Alexander
NB201311627 Regulators: Ability-to-Repay Standards and Fair Lending Laws Are Compatible 4 11/18/2013 David H. Carpenter
NB201311614 Restricting the Availability of Medication Abortions 4 11/21/2013 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201308615 Retransmission Consent and CBS versus Time Warner Cable 4 8/15/2013 Kathleen Ann Ruane
NB201312658 SeaWorld Battles OSHA to Get Orca Trainers Back in the Water 4 12/18/2013 Rodney M. Perry
NB201311656 SEC Expected to Bring More Administrative Proceedings 4 11/7/2013 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201308649 SEC Issues JOBS Act Advertising Rule 4 8/1/2013 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201402660 SEC Rule 144A: Changes to Qualified Institutional Buyer Exemption 4 2/13/2014 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201311635 Senate to Consider Loosening Guantanamo Transfer Restrictions 4 11/15/2013 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201402678 Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for Tax Credit? That is the Question 4 2/24/2014 Emily M. Lanza; Erika K. Lunder; Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201402669 State Actions to Address Climate Change: Challenges Under the Dormant Commerce Clause 4 2/27/2014 Robert Meltz
NB201402733 Supreme Court Poised to Rule on “Good Neighbor” Provision of Clean Air Act 4 2/7/2014 Daniel J. Olds
NB201402717 Supreme Court to Decide Whether Union-Related Fees Can Be Collected From Certain Non-Union Workers 4 2/10/2014 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201402801 The Affordable Care Act: Is “Payback” of Medicaid Costs from a Recipient’s Estate Required? 4 2/6/2014 Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201401788 The Constitutional State of the Union 4 1/28/2014 Todd Garvey
NB201402779 The IRS Allows Additional Time for Estate Tax Election: New Filing Deadline of December 2014 4 2/11/2014 Emily M. Lanza
NB201402765 The REAL ID Act: Enforcement at Last? 5 2/25/2014 Alissa M. Dolan
NB201401810 They’ve Got Your Number: Who Can Get A Social Security Card 4 1/13/2014 Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201401839 U.S.S. Cole Bombing Military Commission Trial Can Go Forward 4 1/13/2014 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201401844 UPDATED: Premium Tax Credits and Federal Exchanges: The Next Big Legal Challenge to the Affordable Care Act? 4 1/16/2014 Jennifer A. Staman
NB201401870 What “Proprietary Trading” is Covered by the Volcker Rule? 5 1/6/2014 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201401866 What Companies Must Comply with the Volcker Rule? 4 1/6/2014 David H. Carpenter
NB201402858 What Is the Source of the President’s Authority to Regulate the Procurement Process? 5 2/5/2014 Kate M. Manuel
NB201402857 What Limits Are There on the President’s Authority to Regulate the Procurement Process? 5 2/5/2014 Kate M. Manuel

Daily Report of CRS Documents 06/18/2014

[category daily_report]

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
R42695 SBA Veterans Assistance Programs: An Analysis of Contemporary Issues 32 6/5/2014 Robert Jay Dilger, Senior Specialist in American National Government; Sean Lowry, Analyst in Public Finance
R42716 Terrorism Risk Insurance: Issue Analysis and Overview of Current Program 21 6/4/2014 Baird Webel, Specialist in Financial Economics
R43049 U.S. Air Force Bomber Sustainment and Modernization: Background and Issues for Congress 76 6/4/2014 Jeremiah Gertler, Specialist in Military Aviation
R43119 Syria: Overview of the Humanitarian Response 36 5/30/2014 Rhoda Margesson, Specialist in International Humanitarian Policy; Susan G. Chesser, Information Research Specialist
RL33375 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response: The SAFER Grant Program 14 5/29/2014 Lennard G. Kruger, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
RL33741 Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program: Background and Issues for Congress 105 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RS20071 United States Fire Administration: An Overview 10 5/29/2014 Lennard G. Kruger, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
RS20643 Navy Ford (CVN-78) Class Aircraft Carrier Program: Background and Issues for Congress 66 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
Nota Bene
Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
NB201308673 Split Among Circuit Courts Over Religious Rights of For-Profit Corporations May Mean Another Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act 4 2013-08-22 Cynthia Brougher
NB201308697 Separating Power #1: Ancient Roots and Philosophical Origins 7 2013-08-06 Todd Garvey
NB201308696 Separating Power #2: American Foundations 6 2013-08-08 Todd Garvey
NB201308695 Separating Power #3: The Framers and the Constitutional Convention 6 2013-08-13 Todd Garvey
NB201308694 Separating Power #4: Lessons and Myths from the Convention 4 2013-08-20 Todd Garvey
NB201308701 Separating Power #5: Publius on the Separation of Powers 6 2013-08-27 Todd Garvey
NB201308698 Separating Power: Exploring the Ambiguities of Our Constitutional Structure 4 2013-08-06 Todd Garvey
NB201310690 Separating Power: Separation and Independence in Constitutional Text 4 2013-10-18 Todd Garvey
NB201311699 Separating Power: Who’s the Decider? 4 2013-11-26 Todd Garvey
NB201310681 Should an Agency Have the Power to Both Write and Interpret Law? 4 2013-10-28 Daniel T. Shedd
NB201308687 Should Older, Heavy Smokers Be Routinely Screened for Lung Cancer? 4 2013-08-16 Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201309677 So, You Want to Build a Port of Entry and Lease It to the Feds? 4 2013-09-06 Kate M. Manuel
NB201312672 Split in Federal Courts Over Constitutionality of NSA Bulk Telephone Metadata Collection Program 4 2013-12-31 Richard M. Thompson II
NB201311671 SSCI Approves Bill Addressing NSA Surveillance Controversy 4 2013-11-20 Jared P. Cole
NB201311668 State and Federal Law concerning the Duties of Directors to Prevent Corporate Wrongdoing 4 2013-11-04 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201311664 Statutory Keys to Landlocked Lands 4 2013-11-12 Kristina Alexander
NB201312753 Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case Challenging Securities “Fraud-on-the-Market” Doctrine 4 2013-12-17 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201309744 Supreme Court Grants Cert on Interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley’s Whistleblower Provision 4 2013-09-17 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201310718 Supreme Court to Consider the Doctrine of Tribal Sovereign Immunity 4 2013-10-22 Jane M. Smith
NB201310791 Texas Federal Court Holds that Investments Purchased with Bitcoins Are Securities 4 2013-10-25 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201309800 The Children’s Crusade: Teens Use Public Trust Doctrine to Challenge Greenhouse Gas Emissions 4 2013-09-11 Robert Meltz
NB201308781 The Government May Acquire Cell Phone Tracking Records Without Showing Probable Cause 4 2013-08-21 Charles Doyle
NB201309784 The Man in the Mirror: IRS Valuation of Image and Likeness for the Michael Jackson Estate 4 2013-09-27 Emily M. Lanza
NB201317762 The Senate Agreement’s Impact on Noel Canning, the NLRB, and CFPB: Part 3 4 2013-07-22 David H. Carpenter
NB201310821 The Supreme Court Agrees to Review EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations – Limited to a Narrow Question 4 2013-10-24 Robert Meltz
NB201312814 The Value of Neutrality in Labor Law 4 2013-12-06 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201312812 Think Paying Taxes Is Voluntary? Think Again! 4 2013-12-12 Erika K. Lunder; Carol A. Pettit
NB201309818 TILA’s Mortgage Rescission Provision: Another Circuit Heard From 4 2013-09-16 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201309806 Tipping Off an FBI Target May Not Be Obstruction of Justice 4 2013-09-23 Charles Doyle
NB201312834 Two New Challenges to Military Commission Convictions 5 2013-12-05 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201311838 Virginia Decision Likely to Affect Enforceability of Certain Teaming Agreements 4 2013-11-06 Rodney M. Perry
NB201308843 Virtual Currency Under Scrutiny 4 2013-08-30 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201312874 What Are the Grounds for Suspending a Federal Contractor? How Does a Suspension Affect Contractors’ Ability to Do Business with the Government? 5 2013-12-20 Brandon J. Murrill
NB201309863 What Does It Mean that Indian Tribes are Sovereign Nations? 4 2013-09-11 Jane M. Smith
NB201308865 What is the “Bail In” Provision of the Voting Rights Act? 4 2013-08-02 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201310854 What is the Federal Role in Addressing Charitable Fraud? 4 2013-10-23 Erika K. Lunder; Margaret Mikyung Lee
NB201309855 What Would a Government Shutdown Mean for Federal Contractors? 5 2013-09-24 Kate M. Manuel; Rodney M. Perry
NB201309891 When Does a One Party Case Present a Case or Controversy? 4 2013-09-16 Charles Doyle
NB201311886 White House Prepares for Warmer Weather: Executive Order 13653 4 2013-11-15 Daniel J. Olds
NB201308893 White House Vetoes ITC’s Ban on Sale and Importation of Certain Apple iPhones and iPads 4 2013-08-15 Brian T. Yeh
NB201309884 Who Should Be Considered a Journalist? 4 2013-09-25 Kathleen Ann Ruane
NB201309913 Will a Senate Bill, If Enacted, Have an Impact upon Implementing Dodd-Frank and the JOBS Act? 4 2013-09-13 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201308910 Will Legislation Bring NEPA Up to Speed? 6 2013-08-29 Kristina Alexander
NB201312907 Will There Be Complaints About the Grouse? 5 2013-12-19 Kristina Alexander
NB201312901 Wind Energy Company to Pay $1 Million in Bird Death Plea Agreement 4 2013-12-18 Kristina Alexander
NB201308900 Yucca Mountain Lives…For Now 4 2013-08-16 Todd Garvey

Daily Report of CRS Documents 06/17/2014

[category daily_report]

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
R43419 NASA Appropriations and Authorizations: A Fact Sheet 5 6/6/2014 Daniel Morgan, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
R43543 Navy LX(R) Amphibious Ship Program: Background and Issues for Congress 15 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
R43546 Navy TAO(X) Oiler Shipbuilding Program: Background and Issues for Congress 14 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
R43555 Domestic Human Trafficking Legislation in the 113th Congress 27 5/30/2014 Alison Siskin, Coordinator, Specialist in Immigration Policy
R43572 EPA’s Forthcoming Greenhouse Gas Regulations for Existing Power Plants: Frequently Asked Questions 22 6/5/2014 James E. McCarthy, Specialist in Environmental Policy; Robert Meltz, Legislative Attorney; Jane A. Leggett, Specialist in Energy and Environmental Policy; Jonathan L. Ramseur, Specialist in Environmental Policy
RL33745 Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Program: Background and Issues for Congress 68 6/4/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL34391 Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker Modernization: Background and Issues for Congress 42 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RL34511 Nanotechnology: A Policy Primer 21 5/30/2014 John F. Sargent, Jr., Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
RS22373 Navy Irregular Warfare and Counterterrorism Operations: Background and Issues for Congress 39 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
RS22478 Navy Ship Names: Background For Congress 29 6/5/2014 Ronald O’Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs
Nota Bene
Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
NB201304679 Some Online Pay Day Lenders Using Indian Tribes to Shield Them from Enforcement of State Laws 4 2013-04-29 Jane M. Smith
NB201307685 Shark Finning: What Can the States Do? 4 2013-07-17 Adam Vann
NB201304682 Should All Malpractice Claims Against Patent Lawyers Be Decided in Federal Court? 4 2013-04-11 John Kozak
NB201307688 SORNA Clears Constitutional Hurdle 4 2013-07-09 Charles Doyle
NB201305675 Special Counsel Explained: The Difference Between Appointing Special Counsel and Independent Counsel 4 2013-05-29 Cynthia Brougher
NB201308662 States Seek Freedom from Federal Firearms Laws … But Can They? 4 2013-08-09 Vivian S. Chu
NB201306756 Supreme Court Affirmation of Judicial Deference Likely to be Helpful to EPA 4 2013-06-03 Robert Meltz
NB201304735 Supreme Court Permits the Domestic Resale of Cheap Foreign Textbooks 4 2013-04-08 John Kozak
NB201306732 Supreme Court Rules Against Biological Father In Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl 4 2013-06-27 Jane M. Smith
NB201306730 Supreme Court Rules for Pharmaceutical Company in Latest Food and Drug Preemption Case 5 2013-06-25 Andrew Nolan
NB201304741 Supreme Court Rules on Logging Road Runoff, Then Questions Judicial Deference 4 2013-04-26 Robert Meltz
NB201305727 Supreme Court Rules on Scope of Chevron Deference 4 2013-05-22 Daniel T. Shedd
NB201306742 Supreme Court Rules: Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration Preempted by Federal Law 4 2013-06-21 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201306725 Supreme Court Sends California Raisin Case Back to Ninth Circuit 4 2013-06-24 Robert Meltz
NB201306722 Supreme Court Strikes Key Provision of Voting Rights Act 4 2013-06-27 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201306728 Supreme Court to Hear Appointments Case 4 2013-06-26 David H. Carpenter
NB201306716 Supreme Court To Hear Constitutional Challenge To Aggregate Contribution Limits 4 2013-06-13 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201304708 Supreme Court to SEC: You Can’t Put Extra Time on the Clock 4 2013-04-04 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201307758 Supreme Court Upholds Police Collection of DNA Upon Arrest 4 2013-07-08 Richard M. Thompson II
NB201306714 Supreme Court Won’t Review Planned Parenthood Medicaid Funding Case 4 2013-06-14 Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201304799 The “Boundaries” of Roe v. Wade 4 2013-04-02 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201304767 The “Public Charge” Grounds of Inadmissibility and Deportability: When Do They Apply? 4 2013-04-17 Kate M. Manuel
NB201307772 The “Sue and Settle” Issue Returns, With the Shoe on the Other Foot 4 2013-07-10 Robert Meltz
NB201307793 The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act: Revisited by the Court 4 2013-07-11 Gina Stevens
NB201304782 The Free Speech Rights of Elementary School Students 4 2013-04-23 Kathleen Ann Ruane
NB201307786 The Jury Must OK Minimum Sentencing Facts 4 2013-07-18 Charles Doyle
NB201304773 The Ninth Circuit Keeps PACE with Two of Its Sister Circuit Courts 4 2013-04-09 David H. Carpenter
NB201307761 The Senate Agreement’s Impact on Noel Canning, the NLRB, and CFPB: Part 1 4 2013-07-22 Jon O. Shimabukuro
NB201307760 The Senate Agreement’s Impact on Noel Canning, the NLRB, and CFPB: Part 2 4 2013-07-22 Todd Garvey
NB201304823 The Supreme Court is Asked to Review Two Key Clean Air Act Programs 4 2013-04-16 Robert Meltz
NB201307831 The Supreme Court Rules on Land Development “Exaction Takings” – A Local issue with Federal Repercussions 4 2013-07-16 Robert Meltz
NB201305828 The Supreme Court Upholds Virginia’s Citizens-Only FOIA Law 4 2013-05-06 Gina Stevens
NB201304808 Thirty Years Later, Supreme Court Will Consider Legislative Prayer Again 4 2013-09-04 Cynthia Brougher
NB201307835 Two Supreme Court Rulings Make It Harder for Employees to Sue for Discrimination 4 2013-07-30 Jody Feder
NB201306852 U.S. May Face Significant Obstacles in Attempt to Apprehend Edward Snowden 4 2013-06-24 Michael John Garcia
NB201304851 U.S. Supreme Court Wades Into State Water Wars 4 2013-04-10 Cynthia Brougher
NB201307853 Unlawful Command Influence in the Military Justice System 4 2013-07-01 R. Chuck Mason
NB201307841 Updated: Treatment of Same-Sex Spouses under Federal Immigration Law 5 2013-07-10 Kate M. Manuel; Michael John Garcia
NB201306840 Vaccine Compensation Program: Claimant Recovers Fees and Costs Despite Filing Late 4 2013-06-17 Thomas Bryan
NB201305873 Warrantless DWI Blood Tests Are Not Per Se Constitutional 4 2013-05-02 Charles Doyle
NB201305871 Water, Water, Everywhere – Present and Possible Future Supreme Court Water Cases 4 2013-05-01 Robert Meltz
NB201306869 Wells Fargo Must Pay $203 Million Restitution for Overdraft Misrepresentations 4 2013-06-13 M. Maureen Murphy
NB201305862 What Does the Law Say About 501(c)(4)s and Campaign Activity? 4 2013-05-17 Erika K. Lunder
NB201306859 What Functions May Contractors Perform?: Leaks of Classified Information Raise Questions 5 2013-06-18 Kate M. Manuel
NB201304864 What’s Next for Internet Posting of Staffs’ Personal Finances? 4 2013-04-09 Jack Maskell
NB201305881 Why is the D.C. Circuit “So” Important? 4 2013-05-31 Andrew Nolan
NB201304912 Will Immigration Reform Legislation Revisit the Definition of “Aggravated Felony”? 4 2013-04-24 Michael John Garcia

Daily Report of CRS Documents 06/16/2014

Monday June 16, 2014

Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
R43575 Tolling U.S. Highways 16 5/30/2014 Robert S. Kirk, Specialist in Transportation Policy
R43576 Estate and Gift Taxes for Nonresident Aliens 12 6/2/2014 Emily M. Lanza, Legislative Attorney
R43577 U.S. Foreign Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent Trends and FY2015 Appropriations 19 6/3/2014 Peter J. Meyer, Analyst in Latin American Affairs
R43578 FY2015 Department of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations: Fact Sheet 5 6/2/2014 Libby Perl, Specialist in Housing Policy; Katie Jones, Analyst in Housing Policy; Eugene Boyd, Analyst in Federalism and Economic Development Policy
R43579 The Number of Veterans That Use VA Health Care Services: A Fact Sheet 4 6/3/2014 Erin Bagalman, Analyst in Health Policy
R43580 Federal Research and Development Funding: FY2015 62 6/2/2014 John F. Sargent Jr., Coordinator Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
R43581 Export-Import Bank: Overview and Reauthorization Issues 42 6/3/2014 Shayerah Ilias Akhtar, Specialist in International Trade and Finance
R43582 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD): FY2015 Appropriations 30 6/3/2014 Libby Perl, Specialist in Housing Policy; David Randall Peterman, Analyst in Transportation Policy
R43583 Domestic Federal Law Enforcement Coordination: Through the Lens of the Southwest Border 40 6/3/2014 Jerome P. Bjelopera, Specialist in Organized Crime and Terrorism; Kristin Finklea, Specialist in Domestic Security
R43584 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS): Is It a Health Emergency? 8 6/4/2014 Sarah A. Lister, Specialist in Public Health and Epidemiology
R43585 The National Science Foundation: Background and Selected Policy Issues 33 6/5/2014 Heather B. Gonzalez, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
R43586 The Fourth Amendment Third-Party Doctrine 29 6/5/2014 Richard M. Thompson II, Legislative Attorney
Nota Bene
Order Number Title Pages Issue Date Author/Division
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NB201303683 Shoe Wars: Mootness in Already, LLC v. Nike 4 2013-03-15 Larry M. Eig
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NB201303665 Stealing a Company’s ID Is No Crime Under the Federal ID Theft Statutes, the Fourth Circuit Holds 3 2013-03-21 Charles Doyle
NB201304661 Suggested LGBT Order Renews Questions about Presidential Authority to Impose Requirements on Federal Contractors 5 2013-04-15 Kate M. Manuel
NB201303752 Supreme Court Again Considers the Extent Federal Drug Law Can Negate a Jury’s Verdict 5 2013-03-20 Andrew Nolan
NB201303757 Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case Involving Stanford Ponzi Scheme 4 2013-03-13 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201211749 Supreme Court Grants Cert in Securities Market-Timing Case 4 2012-11-27 Michael V. Seitzinger
NB201211748 Supreme Court Grants Cert. on a Lack-of-State-Funding Speedy Trial Claim 4 2012-11-26 Charles Doyle
NB201212719 Supreme Court To Consider Constitutionality of Key Provision of Voting Rights Act 4 2012-12-06 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201302712 Supreme Court to Review Indian Child Welfare Act Case 4 2013-02-20 Jane M. Smith
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NB201302785 The Federal Sex Trafficking Statute Covers Johns Caught in a Sting, the Eighth Circuit Holds 4 2013-02-05 Charles Doyle
NB201303770 The Power of the Convening Authority in Post-Trial Review of Court-Martial 4 2013-03-11 R. Chuck Mason
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NB201212833 The Supreme Court Rediscovers Property Rights: Six Recent Cases Including One Decided This Week 4 2012-12-07 Robert Meltz
NB201303830 The Supreme Court Rejects Strict Evidentiary Checklist for Probable Cause in Dog-Sniff Drug Cases 4 2013-03-25 Charles Doyle
NB201301832 The Supreme Court, Citizens United, and Further Challenges to Campaign Finance Law: Aggregate Contribution Limits 4 2013-01-14 L. Paige Whitaker
NB201301826 The Supreme Court, Citizens United, and Further Challenges to Campaign Finance Law: The Ban on Corporate Contributions 4 2013-01-14 L. Paige Whitaker
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NB201302809 Think the Litigation Surrounding the Affordable Care Act is Over? Think Again. (Part 2 of 2) 4 2013-02-04 Cynthia Brougher; Jennifer A. Staman
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NB201211837 Victims of an Iran-Sponsored Terrorist Attack May Not Execute Their Judgments Against EFT Funds Blocked While Passing Through U.S. Banks 4 2012-11-07 M. Maureen Murphy
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NB201303887 When Can the President Order Drone Attacks on U.S. Soil? 3 2013-03-08 Jennifer K. Elsea
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NB201212885 When Your Co-Worker Is Really Your Boss: Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Racial Harassment Lawsuit 4 2012-12-04 Jody Feder
NB201303880 Who Gets to Say Yes or No to the Medicaid Expansion – The Governor or the State Legislature? 4 2013-03-18 Kathleen S. Swendiman
NB201212882 Who Is Accountable for Gun Violence? 4 2012-12-14 Vivian S. Chu
NB201211883 Who is Liable to Pay Damages to Victims of Terrorism? 4 2012-11-08 Jennifer K. Elsea
NB201302914 Will the IRS Allow Renewable Energy Assets to be Included in Real Estate Investment Trusts? 4 2013-02-15 John Kozak
NB201303902 Will Women Now Be Required to Register for the Draft? 4 2013-03-26 R. Chuck Mason
NB201302894 Women’s Apparel Retailer Challenges Tariff Schedule as Discriminating on the Basis of Sex in Violation of the Constitution 4 2013-02-14 Jane M. Smith
NB201211897 WTO Appellate Body Finds the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act’s Ban of Non-Menthol Flavored Cigarettes Violates International Trade Agreement 4 2012-11-19 Jane M. Smith
NB201212898 WTO Dispute over Chinese Duties on Imports of U.S. Automobiles Moves Forward 4 2012-12-31 Brandon J. Murrill
NB201211899 WTO Using Informal “Subsequent Agreements” to Interpret WTO Agreements 4 2012-11-09 Jane M. Smith